Our Team

Members of the Haddon Township Equity Initiative have partnered with a team of local LGBTQIA+ community members and allies to lead the planning efforts, forming the HT Pride Steering Committee.

Meet the folks who are leading the 2022 HT Pride planning efforts!

Isis Williams


President, HTEI

Executive Director, HorseyBucknerHeffler, LLP; Owner, POSH Events; President, HTEI

HT resident since 2012

“'Humanity is meant for community and for togetherness. There is something very fundamental about being acknowledged, of being seen, as a person. The heart longs for a human embrace, for the attentive ear of another, who shows some interest in being with them and listening to what they say.' - unknown

I want my neighbors to know that I see them; I feel them and I will continue to hold space in my home, heart and this community, for those in need. "

Becky Reiser


Vice President, HTEI

Contemporary Artist; Vice President, HTEI

HT resident since 2017

"Once you see things you cannot unsee, you have no choice but to act, no choice but to push for change. So we push for change together, as a community for the community - a unified movement toward real equitable change. Change that creates space for ALL our community members to thrive, change that begins right here in our own backyard."


Vice President, HTEI

Michele is a school psychologist at the School District of Philadelphia and is a cofounder of HTEI.

Carrie Grimmie


Secretary, HTEI

Logistics Specialist, ECO Charter School; Secretary, HTEI

Born and raised in HT

"Wherever I go, I am proud to call Haddon Township my home. I chose to remain in this town to raise my daughter because I have always felt safe, supported and loved here. I want all people to feel that too and to know that when they come to Haddon Township they are seen, welcomed and celebrated for who they are. I want my daughter to grow up in a place that celebrates difference and diversity and that strives to create equitable opportunities. I am so honored to help plan our town's first Pride celebration and I can't wait to see everyone in June!"

Bryan O'Donnell


Treasurer, HTEI

Senior Manager, PwC; Treasurer, HTEI; Founder, Torch Leadership Academy

Moved to HT in Spring 2020

"I hope to help further the town's efforts at inclusivity and belonging. however I can . Change happens at a local level and I know events like Pride will have a great positive impact on our community, especially for young people looking for role models they can see themselves in."

Genevieve Cattanea


Board Member, HTEI

University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy and Practice, MSW Admissions Interviewer; Exec Board Member, HTEI

HT resident since 2011

"I hope bringing Pride events to Haddon Township will help our LGBTQIA+ residents, friends and neighbors feel supported and celebrated for the contributions that they make to this amazing town! It is important to me to live in a place that celebrates the identities and recognizes the lived experience of all its residents. I also hope that these events can act as a way for the younger generation to see themselves represented in a positive and joyful way. I want my children to grow up knowing that the possibilities of who they can be and who they can love are endless."

Board Member, HTEI

Kristen Carr Jandoli volunteers as a literacy tutor for Hopeworks, with the Haddon Township School District's special education parent advisory committee, and as a cofounder of HTEI. She is a trustee of the Haddon Township Education Foundation and lives in Haddon Twp with her husband and three teenagers.

Lauren Beals


Board Member, HTEI

Mom; Executive Board Member, HTEI

Born and raised in HT, taught 4th grade in HT for 16 years

"Having lived here my whole life, Haddon Township has never had anything close this Pride celebration we are organizing for our town! This is a momentous occasion that I have the pleasure and joy of being a part of. I want all of our LGBTQIA+ friends, family and neighbors to know they are loved and celebrated! This is just the beginning for HT to shine as a welcoming place for all!"

Nicole Kennedy


Board Member, HTEI

Marketing Director, PwC; HTEI Board Member

HT resident since 2008

"I want Haddon Township to show our LGBTQIA+ community - particularly our young people - that they are not just accepted, but celebrated for everything that makes them who they are. I want this town that has brought me so much joy as a white, cisgender woman to do the same for all community members and become a place where people move because they know they can be happy, supported and successful. "

Philip ‘Pip’ Haxby-Thompson


Board Member, HTEI

JFKLiving Marketing Director

Working in Haddon Township since 2018

"We love to get involved with community projects - especially ones that celebrate fairness, equality and diversity. Pride is such important event and we can't wait to be part of the first one in Haddon Township!"

Ruth Malwitz


Board Member, HTEI

Ruth is the Librarian and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coordinator for the Lower School at Moorestown Friends School, mother of two, and is a cofounder of HTEI.

Samantha Carell


SoHa Building Manager

SoHa Arts Building Manager, Founder/Artist of Carell Enterprises LLC

HT resident since 2019

"My love for creativity envelops in every aspect of my life. I am thrilled to put it to use in partnership for PRIDE with HTEI and the SoHa Arts Building."

HT Pride Planning Committee Members

Alicia Gilbert - Education & Advocacy

Alyssa Washington - Partnerships & Businesses

Amanda McDevitt - Events

April Jackson - Events, Outreach

Ashley Affrunti - Volunteers

Brendan Slavin - Partnerships & Businesses

Brent Satterly - Education & Advocacy

Carol Decinque - Outreach, Volunteers

Charmaine Young - Programming & Entertainment

Cheryl Divito - Programming & Entertainment

Cheryl Smith - Events

Christian Malatesta - Events

Constance Verner - Volunteers

Cristina Aicher - Partnerships & Businesses

Dan Bove - Events

Dana Zelechoski - Volunteers

Dawn Stillwell - Partnerships & Businesses

Debbe Barnett - Volunteers, Education & Advocacy

Elizabeth Cassel - Volunteers

Emily Gazzara - Outreach

Isaac Israel - Education & Advocacy

J Dipilla - Events

Jeffrey Peirce - Events, Volunteers, Partnerships & Businesses

Jen Reiser - Events, Programming & Entertainment

Jennifer Gravishgravish - Education & Advocacy

Jenny Ragghianti - Programming & Entertainment, Education & Advocacy

Jim Cleary - Volunteers

Jim Greway - Volunteers

Julie Wasserbach - Outreach, Partnerships & Businesses

Kate Carr - Volunteers

Kate Koch - Events

Kelli-Rose Simmons - Education & Advocacy

Kelly Dougherty - Events

Kristin Ortiz - Outreach

Laura Williams - Volunteers

Laurabeth McAllister - Volunteers, Education & Advocacy

Lauren Hargrove - Events, Education & Advocacy

Lisa Braack - Partnerships & Businesses

Lisa Godfrey - Events, Outreach, Volunteers, Education & Advocacy

Lois Allen - Volunteers

Martin Irrera - Partnerships & Businesses

Maureen Deninno - Volunteers

Melanie Reiser - Programming & Entertainment

Michael Mcneely - Events

Michele Loughlin - Programming & Entertainment

Molly Fleming - Programming & Entertainment

Nicole Glazebrook - Education & Advocacy

Nicole Lipman - Events

Noah Roberts - Outreach, Volunteers

Paige Wolf - Outreach

Rachel Mccuen - Volunteers

Richard Klineburger - Events

Ricque Porter - Events

River Kayy - Events, Partnerships & Businesses

Rylan Earle-Lott - Partnerships & Businesses

Scott Hutchinson - Events, Volunteers, Partnerships & Businesses

Seana Sapunarich - Outreach

Steve Giannino - Outreach

Sydney Ivey - Volunteers, Education & Advocacy

Tara Martinak - Partnerships & Businesses

Theresa Tentilucci - Events, Volunteers

Tom McAllister - Volunteers, Education & Advocacy