It’s Time to Paint the Town Rainbow: Haddon Township Pride 2023 Is Here!

Interested in sponsoring HT Pride 2024?

Welcome to HT Pride, where love and unity take center stage!

Join us as we paint the town with rainbows and revel in the spirit of #HTPride in 2024. Show your support and excitement on social media with #HTPride and tag us @haddontownshipequityinitiative.

In our continuous mission to celebrate diversity and foster inclusion, we're also participating in numerous community events. For more details, head over to our Events page.

We are thrilled to host the 3rd annual Haddon Township Pride Parade + Events (HT PRIDE) in celebration and support of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Our theme for 2023:

“Educate + Celebrate!”

We are committed to normalizing LGBTQIA+ families, combating stereotypes, recognizing history, and celebrating progress in LGBTQIA+ rights. Our goal is to build confidence in our LGBTQIA+ youth and support businesses as they create more inclusive organizations for their employees and customers. To achieve these goals, we have created a variety of events to create connection, show support, and share resources.

HT PRIDE PARADE + AFTER PARTY sponsored by Cooper University Healthcare


We invite you to join us for the HT PRIDE PARADE + AFTER PARTY sponsored by Cooper University Healthcare on Thursday, October 5th from 6-10 p.m. on Haddon Avenue. The parade will feature LGBTQIA+ and LGBTQIA+-friendly performers, organizations, and community volunteers to cultivate another unforgettable HT PRIDE parade experience. The parade begins at the corner of Crystal Lake and Haddon Avenues, and ends with music, entertainment, dancing, food, and drinks at Haddon Square.



On Friday, October 6th, join us for the HT PRIDE + PROGRESS COMMUNITY NIGHT sponsored by The JFK Living Team from 5:00-9:30 p.m. at Haddon Square. The community and beyond are invited to celebrate LGBTQIA+ Pride in all forms. Celebrate the progress made by LGBTQIA+ trailblazers and learn about LGBTQIA+ history, while joined by local LGBTQIA+-friendly vendors and allies. Featured exclusively at the Community Night are Education and Celebration resources, Pride Quizzo, performances by Iris Spectre, Drag Queen Lip Sync Battles, and more!

HT Pride 2022 Highlights

In 2022, there were over...


attendees at the Parade;


participants in the Parade;


Community, business, and nonprofit groups who walked in the Parade;


volunteers who supported all three days of events;


attendees at the Pride local nonprofit and healthcare Community Night;


organizations at the Pride Community Night;


local artists and vendors at the Pride Fest;


customers and participants in corporate and local business the Pride Fest;



and 20

Steering Committee members who coordinated the events.


📷 @BeauMondeOriginals

River Ziener, Restaurant Manager, HT Pride Volunteer

“All of you created a space where I, and many others, could be myself, where I could be open, where my pronouns were not just respected but celebrated. At the beginning of the year, before the planning of pride started, I was researching cities with a strong queer community so I could move. I thought it would be easier to show up in a new city... Everything I was looking for is all around me. I never imagined such a strong allyship is so close to home. I am incredibly proud of who I am and to be a part of this community. I no longer want to move away and would like to help give the community the love and acceptance it’s given to me because of all of you.”

📷 Dinko Mitic

Isis Williams, Executive Director, Event Planner, and President of HTEI

“They say small towns are where change happens and we believe that Haddon Township has created positive momentum for not only our LGBTQIA+ community, but the community as a whole.  While there is much more work to be done to combat stereotypes and fight for LGBTQIA+ rights, it’s critical that we simply show up for our LGBTQIA+ community members - literally and figuratively. In doing so, we are affirming humanity and saving lives.” 

Anthony Fitzpatrick, Former Principal, Haddon Township School District, HT Pride Volunteer

“The impact of Haddon Township Pride was profound.  Our small town has shown that the result of community togetherness and support is a simple word . . . JOY!  People from all over and of all ages came out to support the LGBTQA+  community through celebration, conversation, and learning.  Having grown up in Haddon Township, this event was unthinkable just a few short years ago.  The efforts of this town and the organizers and sponsors proves that inclusive change can happen; and everyone can share in the joy and love.  It was so powerful!”

📷 @jessicahendrixphoto

Michele Messer, School Psychologist at the School District of Philadelphia, Co-Founder & Vice President of HTEI

“Allowing our youth to unfold in a community that gives them space to do so, without judgment and shame was my hope.  As a parent of a gay teen, I watched my child stand in a place of power and agency.  It gives me hope to know that our youth sees that we can work from a place of love and create the world in which we want to live.”

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